Welcome. Home.

Yumori no Sato is your Tokyo onsen oasis. Built according to feng shui principles and with a wooden interior Yumori no Sato is built much more like a home than your typical onsen facility. This at home feeling resonates throughout our building to our signature all natural jet black hot spring waters which we are famous for. These mineral laden waters along with our unmistakably inviting and authentic atmosphere are just two of the many things that set us apart from any other onsen in Tokyo.

From our all natural hot springs, to our therapeutic massage and beauty treatments and relaxation room to our restaurant Yumori no Sato has a space waiting just for you. Have drinks with friends around our communal foot bath, enjoy a homemade post onsen meal or just grab a futon, pillow and blanket and take a nap on the tatami floor in our relaxation room. Whether a seasoned hot spring goer or a first timer, Yumori no Sato is the perfect place to enjoy an onsen experience that you'll never forget. We hope you will truly feel Welcome and Home.

Our Spas

Yumori no Sato boasts many unique hot spas, each with their own characteristics of health, comfort, and nature.

Available for female guests Available for male guests

Indoor Bath

Charcoal, bamboo, and power stones surround this bath. The chi energy (as it is known in feng shui) emanating from the power stones is the focus of this bath, and is believed to help bring balance to the body and strengthen the immune system.

Salt Steam Room

The salt enriched steam helps burn off extra weight and fatigue by encouraging sweating, and also with the negative ions released in the steam. Heat and humidity are kept at a moderate level to maximize therapeutic effects.

Akado Suzu-no-suke

The red energy of this bath, named after a famous kendo hero in Japanese manga, helps revitalize and motivate your spirit, and strengthen your immune system. The energy of this bath helps to restore chi to those who feel emotional or moody.

Traditional Charcoal Bath

Binchotan is a traditional type of Japanese charcoal which is believed to produce energy that promotes internal health. Together with promoting with anti-aging, this bath is also lauded for it detox effects, especially when used after the sauna.

Crystal Bath

The silicon that form the crystals in this bath closely resembles the tissue of the human body, promoting absorption of minerals found in the water. This bath is especially effective at re-aligning the body and spirit, and restoring a sense of stability.


This traditional bath, which looks like a barrel, is heated directly from the bottom and makes an ideal bath for one. It is often said that taking a long soak by yourself in a goemonburo is a great way to soothe your frayed nerves.

Waterfall Bath

An abundance of negative ions kick off of the waterfalls that cascade into this bath. Enjoy this serene bath in the middle of the woods as the ions help you relax and unwind.

Takami Bath

In feng shui, Japanese cypress wood is regarded as a golden source of power. This bath is especially good for raising one’s self-esteem, and fostering a sense of nobility along with helping your beleaguered body and soul recover.

Scented Bath

This bath contains Japanese elements that promote a sense of tranquility and help your body to detox by coming in contact with your skin through the water. The rich scents have a long lasting effect, both externally and internally.

Foot Bath

The courtyard at Yumori no Sato is home to a heartwarming foot bath. As the human foot contains numerous pressure points connected to the rest of the body, a simple foot bath helps to soothe and relax.

Hot Spring Admission

Yumori no Sato is open daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm.


Enjoy the best of Yumori-no-Sato's baths. Includes towel and robe set. No time limit.

  • Monday—Saturday
    ¥1,200 / ¥700
  • Sunday, Holidays
    ¥1,200 / ¥900
  • Multiple entrance

    Multiple entrance includes 10 Standard entrance tickets. Valid for 1 year, for use Monday—Saturday.

The Crow's Bath

An affordable way to enjoy a brief bath at Yumori-no-Sato. Towel/robe set not included. Valid for 60 minutes.

  • Monday—Saturday
    ¥800 / ¥500
  • Sunday, Holidays
    ¥900 / ¥600
  • Multiple entrance

    Multiple entrance includes 5 The Crow's Bath entrance tickets. Valid for 6 months, for use Monday—Saturday.

The Night Crow

Enjoy discounted entrance for a night bath. Towel/robe set not included. Valid from 9pm through closing.

  • All year
    ¥500 / ¥250

Prices are for adults / children (12 and under). Besides our regular admission fee, we offer free admission on the 26th of each month.
Soap and shampoo provided in our baths. Please feel free to bring your own towels and relaxation wear.


In order to maintain the quality of our water and provide a safe, healthy, and family-friendly atmosphere for all guests, we reserve the right to refuse entrance for infants with diapers, customers with contagious sicknesses, body art (including tattoos or gang insignia), or customers who are intoxicated. Thank you for your understanding.


  • Stone Sauna

    Must be purchased in addition to entrance fee.

  • Towel Set / Robe Set
    ¥200 each

    For use within Yumori-no-Sato only.

  • Point Card Membership
    ¥200 one time fee

    Earn 1 point for every ¥100 spent at Yumori-no-Sato. Valid for 1 year after last visit.

  • Moribito Membership

    Discounted Standard entrance (¥1,000) and Stone Sauna (¥500) price. Valid for 1 year.
    Includes 2 Standard entrance tickets at joining/renewal, for use Monday-Saturday.

Health & Beauty

Esthetic Salon

  • Lymph Node Care Course

    Face or Body (25 min~)from ¥3,880
    Face & Body Set (60 min)from ¥7,990
  • Japanese Korugi Facial Massage
    (60 min~)from ¥16,200
  • Slimming Course
    (40 min~)from ¥6,480

Scrub Massage Salon

  • Body Scrub
    (25 min~)from ¥3,340
  • Face Scrub
    (10 min~)from ¥1,510
  • Aroma Treatment
    (25 min~)from ¥3,880
  • Body Scrub & Aroma Treatment
    (60 min~)from ¥7,660

Body Salon

  • Full & Partial Body Massages
    (20 min~)from ¥2,160
  • Lower Back Course
    (50 min~)from ¥5,508
  • Foot & Reflexology
    (20 min~)from ¥2,160
  • Head Care
    (10 min~)from ¥1,080

Oriental Massage Salon

  • Ashigi Massage
    (massage done by foot)
    Partial (30 min)¥3,240
    Full (60 min)¥6,480
  • Pelvic Adjustment
    (40 min)¥5,400
  • Pelvic Adjustment + Ashigi
    (70 min)¥8,100

For a complete list of available services as well as additional information, please visit Yumori no Sato and inquire at reception.


Our restaurant has 11 tables and 3 counter seats.

  • Tempura Soba
  • Tem-Zaru Soba
  • Season Tem-Zaru Soba
  • Ginger Fried Pork Meal Set
  • Deep Fried Chinese Yam
  • Tofu Steak
  • Caesar Salad
  • Medium Draft Beer Set
  • Mokomoko-Chan
    (ice cream and cake)¥420





10:00am - 10:00pm daily


50 parking spots are available at Yumori-no-Sato.

Shuttle Bus Service

Our free shuttle bus runs between Keio Chofu Station or JR Musashi-Sakai Station and Yumori-no-Sato.

Keio Chofu Station

Please board near the taxi stand at the North Exit of Chofu Station.

JR Musashi-Sakai Station

Please board near the red mailbox at the South Exit of JR Musashi-Saki Station.

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